A-Z Travel guides helps you plan your holiday. Find info on where to go, when to visit, and what to do. Choose from the best vacation destinations in the world.

A-Z Travel Guides enables you to plan your holiday to any destination within the world. Find exclusive information on top travel destinations, things to see, things to do, where to stay as well as travel tips with money saving advice! On this guide find free online travel information for top holiday locations, hotel lodgings, activities, timeshare, travel trailers, car rental and deals! Our information is provided by expert local guides who are knowledgeable about travel in their countries.

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Featured Destinations

With so many amazing places spread across the world it can be tough when it comes to deciding where to go for a holiday of a lifetime. We bring to you some of the best amazing destinations in the world ranging from the popular places you may have heard off to less known off the beaten path places in various continents. There are so many wonderful places to see and cultures to experience. Can’t decide? Sit back, take your time and browse through A-Z Travel Guides online.


Looking to explore Africa? Africa is referred to as the cradle of human life as we know it, being the oldest inhabited territory in the world. Read More


Would you like to travel to the European continent? Be inspired by our guide to Europe or pick a country in this continent. Read More


Looking to travelling to Asia? Asia is a continent with lots of amazing places to visit for holiday, adventure and leisure tours. Read More


Australia is a very diverse country geographically and a hot spot for tourism. If you are thinking of going down below, here is some information on Australia. Read More

North America

There are lots of places to explore in North America. Find information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more. Read More

South America

Discover South America, the wilder part of Americas. Find information on top destinations, attractions, things to do, travel tips and more. Read More


A destination can be whatever makes sense for your website. If you’re creating a site for a large theme park, the destinations might be the different sections, with rides and activities as the child destinations. A more traditional concept would be a country, region and city relationship, but that’s too easy. Use your creativity and you’ll quickly see how any travel site can take advantage of the Travel Destinations plugin.


Travel Guides

Add sub-pages to destinations for extra details and unlimited depth. With the addition of sub-pages, the destination becomes a full featured travel guide.

Things to Do

There are lots of interesting things to do within various destinations in the world. Are you a beach person just wanting to get away to a 3s destination – sea, sun and sand? Or maybe you are more into ecotourism looking for a nature tour combined with a cultural experience. You may choose the beaches of the Caribbean, the glitz of Las Vegas or the history of Rome but before you choose, it is wise to learn all that you can about your chosen destination. From active adventures to leisurely holidays, we present to you the best things to do in the world including deals on tours and holidays to some of these places;


Looking for a safari to the wild animal parks? Here are great ideas to planning a safari – find out the best destinations, how to get there, planning tips etc. Read More

Day Trips

Plan and enjoy great day trips and excursions in major towns and cities around the world. There are also great deals from day tour operators…Read More

Adventure Activities

Plan great outdoors throughout the world – learn about the different things to do in different destinations in the world. Read More

Top Attractions

From sightseeing attractions to historical places find the top attractions around the world that you should not miss to visit. Read More

Travel Guide

Are you planning to take a holiday? There is a ton of information to help you plan a perfect it, book your vacation but, things to know before you go, how to travel from one destination to another and more travel tips. There is a ton of information here that may help you pick the perfect spot.

Featured Safaris

Experiential safaris offer a great way to experience wildlife from a close range. One of the new adventures in Africa is gorilla trekking in the tropical rain forests of East and Central Africa. These trips range from short gorilla treks of 1-7 Days in Rwanda and 3 Days -3 Weeks in Uganda. You can also opt to take multiple treks in various locations that have been identified for experiential tourism. Travelers get up and close to wildlife than ever before on an experiential safari! Read More


Each destination has it’s own directory for cataloging restaurants, tours, activities, museums, and much more. You create the categories and decide what types of ratings apply. Choose from stars and dollars, or add the ones you need. If we didn’t include a ratings symbol, add your own for custom scales to rate your directory items.