Oceania is a vast, arbitrarily defined expanse of the world where the Pacific Ocean – rather than land borders – connects the nations.

It is home to glistening white beaches, coconut palms swaying in the breeze, beautiful coral reefs, and rugged volcanic islands rising out of the blue ocean.

Places in Oceania

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Adventure Series IV

If a tear in the space-time continuum were to suddenly rip open, two things would fall out: the Terminator and then the Surface Book quickly tumbling to the Earth behind it. From the snake-like hinge, the flat design and even down to the washed-out silver color of this laptop, everything about it just seems like it came from the future. …

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Waterfront di Cape Town.

I LOVE days that start with tweets like this from the ace Claire, part of #LoveLondon HQ. We’ve been working really hard on our little baby recently, and I’m honestly over the moon to see that it’s being recognised – not only with so many new subscriptions, but in these lists too. It’s the third one recently, so I’m super-proud! …

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Self driving in Uganda

Self driving in Uganda or preferably self drive car hire is on crucial decision to make if you decide to travel to Uganda. A Self drive in Uganda requires you to hire a car from a local car rental agency and drive yourself un-guided. This is a more common practice done by return visitors to Uganda that feel they can …

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